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Acrotome fleckii (Gürke) Launert

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Acrotome fleckii

Image 1
Bracteoles and leaves
15 Jun 2008

Acrotome fleckii

Image 2
Bracteoles and leaves
21 Dec 2008

Acrotome fleckii

Image 3
27 Apr 2008

Acrotome fleckii

Image 4
27 Apr 2008

Family: Lamiaceae
Full name: Acrotome fleckii (Gürke) Launert
ID status: Fairly certain
Afrikaans common name(s): -
English common name(s): Namib acrotome
Synonym(s): Acrotome belckii Gürke
Leucas fleckii Gürke
Status: Native
Description: Einjähriges Kraut, bis 40 cm hoch. Pflanzen im Gegensatz zu A. pallescens mit mehrzelligen, bis 1 mm langen Haaren besetzt. Blüten weiß, zweilippig.

Annual herb, up to 40 cm high. In contrast to A. pallescens, plants have multicellular hairs up to 1 mm long. Flowers white, double-lipped. (translated using Google Translate)

Annual erect herb 0.1-0.6 (-0.8) m tall, unbranched or branched shortly above the base; stems shortly retrorse and somewhat crisped tomentose. Leaves subsessile or shortly petiolate; blade linear to linear-lanceolate, 25-70 x 5-10 mm, sparingly to fairly densely pilose, apex subacute, base attenuate, margin with a few small teeth in the upper half. Inflorescence of (3-) 4-10 spaced verticils, often starting near the base of the plant; verticils dense, few- to many-flowered, 10-22 mm in diam.; bracteoles numerous, filiform, arcuate-erect, villous, 5-8 mm long, spine-tipped. Calyx hispid, widest at the oblique mouth, 5 mm long at flowering, enlarging to 8-10 mm, subequally 8-10-toothed; teeth deltoid-subulate to filiform, spine-tipped, eventually 3-4 mm long. Corolla small, white; upper lip oblong, 2.5-3 mm long; lower lip 4-5 mm long. (from JSTOR Global Plants website / Flora of Southern Africa)
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