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Antiphiona pinnatisecta (S.Moore) Merxm.

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Antiphiona pinnatisecta

Image 1
Flowers and dried flowers
14 Dec 2008

Antiphiona pinnatisecta

Image 2
14 Dec 2008

Antiphiona pinnatisecta

Image 3
16 Dec 2008

Antiphiona pinnatisecta

Image 4
23 Jun 2010

Antiphiona pinnatisecta

Image 5
16 Jun 2013

Family: Asteraceae
Full name: Antiphiona pinnatisecta (S.Moore) Merxm.
ID status: Fairly certain
Afrikaans common name(s): -
English common name(s): -
Synonym(s): Homochaete dinteriana Muschl. ex Dinter
Iphiona pinnatisecta S.Moore
Status: Endemic
Description: Antiphiona pinnatisecta is a bush about 1 m high. The leaves are finely divided. The heads are elongated (2-3 cm) and contain only tubular florets. (from, translated from French by Google Translate)

Perennial upright, spreading shrubs with single or multiple rigid stems from the base, 0.4–1.2 m tall, sticky glandular, strongly aromatic, light green to yellowish green, rarely with grey appearance due to dense hair covering. Leaves simple, pinnatisect or bi-pinnatisect, deeply lobed with very narrow linear laminas around veins, less than 1 mm wide, lobes widely spaced. Primary leaves 40–50(–80) mm long, with 3–5 lobe pairs. Axillary leaves much shorter with fewer lobe pairs. Capitula discoid, 12–14 mm long, 20–30-flowered; cylindrical when in full flower, opening completely with involucral bracts reflexed when achenes mature. Involucral bracts in 5–6 series, increasing in length from outer to inner, innermost involucral bracts 11–12 mm long, margins toothed, outer surface covered in hairs and glands similar to those on the leaves. Florets yellow below, reddish above, 5-lobed, lobes erect, outer surface covered in short rigid trichomes. Style bifid, branches obtuse with sweeping hairs in upper half. Pappus in a single row of barbed capillary bristles as long as floret tubes, slightly exerted from the capitula at maturity, bristle shaft flattened with short barbes protruding at a slight angle. Achenes about 1.5–2 mm long, not distinctly ribbed, evenly covered in rigid, white, upward-facing twin hairs. Flowering mainly between June and October, but occasionally in other months. Flowering times are presumably linked to unpredictable rainfall patterns. (from A TAXONOMIC REVISION OF THE GENUS ANTIPHIONA, M Koekemoer, Phytotaxa 347 (1), 2018)
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