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Eragrostis biflora Hack. ex Schinz

Eragrostis biflora


Family: Poaceae
Full name: Eragrostis biflora Hack. ex Schinz
Location: Kyffhäuser (2416AD + 2416CB)
ID status: Fairly certain
Afrikaans common name(s): Skadu-eragrostis, Krulblaargras
English common name(s): Shade eragrostis, Two-flowered lovegrass
Synonym(s): -
Status: Native
Description: Annual, tufted; culms erect, or ascending, very slender, 8 in. to almost 2 ft. long, glabrous, smooth, 2–3-noded, internodes more or less exserted (at least ultimately); sheaths tight, more or less compressed, glabrous, smooth; ligule a fringe of minute hairs; blades linear, tapering to a fine point, 2–10 in. by 0.5–1 lin., flat, very flaccid, green, glabrous or scantily hairy, scabrid; panicle oblong, very loose and open, 4–10 in. long; axis smooth, filiform; branches 3–2-nate, rarely solitary, spreading, capillary, scabrid, glabrous, loosely divided from near the base, lowest branchlets divided again, and 3- or more-spiculate; pedicels very long and fine; spikelets minute, elliptic to lanceolate, 1 lin. long, 2- or sometimes 1- (very rarely 3-) flowered, green, more or less tinged with purple or almost wholly purple; rhachilla very slender, persistent, continued and scaberulous beyond the upper floret; glumes subequal, linear-lanceolate, 0.5 to almost 0.75 lin. long, 1-nerved, keel scaberulous; valves oblong to lanceolate in profile, acute to subobtuse, 0.666 lin. long, very thin, glabrous, side-nerves faint; pales persistent equalling the valves, truncate, keels fine and smooth; anthers 0.167– 0.25 lin. long; grain subglobose, about 0.4 lin. in diam., granulate, excavated above the punctiform hilum, pit oblong, pallid; embryo 1/2 the length of the grain; pericarp slightly swelling in water. (from JSTOR Global Plants website / Flora Capensis)

Caespitose annual; culms up to 80 cm tall, erect, unbranched, glabrous at the nodes, eglandular; leaf sheaths glabrous or thinly pilose below; ligule a line of hairs; leaf laminas 9–30 cm x 1.5–5(8) mm, linear, flat or involute, glabrous, eglandular. Panicle 16–30 cm long, narrowly ovate-elliptic, delicate and open, the spikelets evenly distributed on slender pedicels 1.5–5 mm long, the primary branches (or at least the lowermost) in whorls, terminating in a fertile spikelet, glabrous in the axils, eglandular. Spikelets 1.5–2.5 x 0.5–1.2 mm, narrowly elliptic, becoming broadly ovate at maturity, laterally compressed (1)2–3-flowered, the lemmas disarticulating from below upwards, the rhachilla becoming fragile above; glumes subequal, 0.9–1.3 mm long, keeled, narrowly ovate to narrowly lanceolate in profile, scaberulous on the keel, otherwise glabrous, subacute to acute at the apex, the inferior reaching to about 2/3 or more the way along the adjacent lemma, the superior to about the middle; lemmas 1–1.5 mm long, keeled, ovate-elliptic in profile, membranous with distinct lateral nerves, scarcely divergent from the rhachilla, those of a pair (or group of three) without overlapping margins, the rhachilla visible between them, pallid to dark greyish-green, glabrous, subacute and often mucronate at the apex; palea persistent, glabrous on the flanks, the keels slender, wingless, smooth or scaberulous; anthers 3, 0.2–0.3 mm long. Caryopsis 0.6–0.7 mm long, obovate. (from JSTOR Global Plants website / Flora Zambesiaca)
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Photographer: AA Dreyer
Date of photograph: 27 Apr 2008
Camera make: Canon
Camera model: PowerShot A700
Lens aperture: f/4.0
Shutter speed: 1/800 s
ISO speed: -
Content last updated: 18 Apr 2024

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