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Kissenia capensis Endl.

Kissenia capensis

Seed capsule

Family: Loasaceae
Full name: Kissenia capensis Endl.
Location: Kyffhäuser (2416AD + 2416CB)
ID status: Fairly certain
Afrikaans common name(s): Kloublaar, Helikopterboompie
English common name(s): Sandpaper bush
Synonym(s): -
Status: Native
Description: White flowers.

Pallid, scabrid subshrub 25-120 cm tall; bark whitish. Leaves ovate to ovate-oblong, 6-9 cm long, 4-7 cm broad, markedly scabrid, usually 3-5-lobed; base truncate to subcordate, apex obtuse; margin irregularly dentate; petiole 2-5 cm long. Flowers in terminal, scorpioid cymes; bracts ovate-lanceolate, 5-9 mm long, persistent. Calyx-tube densely hirsute; lobes pale green, turning yellow, oblong, 17-20 mm long, 4 mm broad, finely hispid on both surfaces. Petals white, spathulate, concave, 9-12 mm long, 5 mm broad, pubescent without. Nectary scales usually 5, sometimes fewer or with one smaller than the rest, strap-shaped, cucullate, 4-5 mm long, 1 mm broad, recurved at the apex, hairy within. Stamens, ovary, fruit and seed, as for generic description. (from JSTOR Global Plants website / Flora of Southern Africa)

A rigid, much branched, bristly undershrub; branches striated, yellowish. Leaves on short stalks, subcoriaceous, pale, lower ones 5–7-lobed, 2–3 in. long, coarsely toothed ribbed and veined, the upper ones gradually smaller and less lobed, passing at the summit into lanceolate bracts. Flowers numerous, subsessile in a dense terminal scorpioid cyme. Flower-tube ovoid-oblong, rough with coarse spreading bristles; lobes leafy, oblong, obtuse, flat, entire, parallel-veined, much enlarged after flowering. Petals shorter than the sepals, the inner strap-shaped, bi-dentate or entire, bent above the middle. Staminodes linear, dilated and cordate at the base (or absent?). Style filiform, simple, twisted at the apex. Fruit indehiscent, oblong, obtuse. (from JSTOR Global Plants website / Flora of Tropical Africa for Kissenia spathulata R. Br.)
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Photographer: AA Dreyer
Date of photograph: 14 Dec 2008
Camera make: Canon
Camera model: PowerShot A700
Lens aperture: f/4.0
Shutter speed: 1/1000 s
ISO speed: -
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