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Lycium bosciifolium Schinz

Lycium bosciifolium


Family: Solanaceae
Full name: Lycium bosciifolium Schinz
Location: Kyffhäuser (2416AD + 2416CB)
ID status: Fairly certain
Afrikaans common name(s): Slapkriedoring, Wolfdoring, Limpopo-kriedoring
English common name(s): Limpopo honey-thorn
Synonym(s): Lycium dunaloides Dammer
Lycium emarginatum Dammer
Lycium namaquense Dammer
Lycium pauciflorum Dammer
Lycium schaeferi Dammer
Lycium squarrosum Dammer
Status: Native
Description: Untidy shrub. STEMS lax, arched; young stems with slender thorns up to 10 mm long. LEAVES simple, semisucculent to succulent, elongate-elliptic to narrowly obovate, 10–50 x 3–11 mm; both surfaces bright green to yellowish-green. FLOWERS solitary, trumpet-shaped; dirty white to greenish-cream; lobes dark violet, spreading; corolla tube longer than 10 mm, stamens and styles clearly protruding from the flower; calyx shorter than half the length of the tube. FRUIT a small, glossy red to black ovoid berry. (from Tree Atlas of Namibia)

Shrub, up to 3m tall, thorny stems, small green lance-shaped hairless leaves, long dirty white to greenish flowers with dark violet lobes, the fruit is a glossy, purplish berry. (from

Erect, profusely branched shrub 0.9–3 m high. Stems curved to somewhat pendulous, glabrous; spines smooth, slender, 5–10(40) mm long; bark pale grey or creamy-white on young stems to dark brown on the older ones. Leaves in clusters of 3–9, subsessile or with a petiole up to (4)5(8) mm long; lamina blue-green to yellowish-green, semi-succulent, 10–30(50) × 3–8(11) mm, narrowly obovate to oblong-elliptic or narrowly lanceolate, apex rounded to acute, with microscopic, short glandular hairs. Flowers hermaphrodite, 5-merous, erect to slightly pendulous. Pedicels 4–6(11) mm long, with vesture as on leaves. Calyx 3–5 mm long, with vesture as on pedicels; tube tubular-campanulate, 1. 5–2.5 mm wide; lobes subequal or unequal, 0.8–5 mm long, triangular, acute, erect. Corolla dirty-white to cream with violet lobes and venation and a purple patch at the base of the lobes, (10)11–15(24) mm long, glabrous outside; tube narrowly tubular-infundibuliform, occasionally slightly curved, pilose on the inside from the base to above filament insertion; limb 6–7(9) mm across; lobes 1. 5–2(3) mm long, semi-elliptic, spreading, ciliolate. Ovary 1. 5–2 mm long, conical, apiculate. Style 13–17(22) mm long, exserted. Disk inconspicuous, green. Disk inconspicuous, green. Stamens unequal, attached from a third above the base to the middle of the corolla tube, all exserted; filaments 12–14 mm long, pilose at the base. Fruit red or orange-red, sometimes black, (5)6(10) × 3–5 mm, oblong-ellipsoid to ovoid, apiculate. Seeds 2 × 1. 5 mm, reniform Seeds 2 × 1.5 mm, reniform. (from Flora Zambesiaca)

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Photographer: AA Dreyer
Date of photograph: 13 Dec 2008
Camera make: Canon
Camera model: PowerShot A700
Lens aperture: f/2.8
Shutter speed: 1/50 s
ISO speed: -
Content last updated: 18 Apr 2024

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