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Stipagrostis namaquensis (Nees) De Winter

Stipagrostis namaquensis


Family: Poaceae
Full name: Stipagrostis namaquensis (Nees) De Winter
Location: Kyffhäuser (2416AD + 2416CB)
ID status: Fairly certain
Afrikaans common name(s): Kalaharikweek, Steekkweek, Steekrietboesmangras, Steekwiet, Bamboeskweek
English common name(s): River bushman grass
Synonym(s): Aristida namaquensis (Nees) Trin. & Rupr.
Aristida namaquensis (Nees) Trin. & Rupr. var. vagans
Arthratherum namaquense Nees
Arthratherum namaquensis Nees var. fruticuliforme
Arthratherum namaquensis Nees var. vagans
Status: Native
Description: HABIT Perennial; caespitose; clumped loosely. Cataphylls evident. Rhizomes elongated. Butt sheaths pubescent. Culms geniculately ascending, or decumbent; 100–200 cm long. Culm-internodes smooth, or scaberulous; distally glabrous. Lateral branches fastigiate, or suffrutescent. Leaf-sheaths glabrous on surface, or pilose. Ligule a fringe of hairs. Leaf-blades erect; deciduous at the ligule; aciculate; convolute; 6–10 cm long; 1–2 mm wide; stiff. Leaf-blade surface scabrous; rough adaxially; glabrous. Leaf-blade apex pungent. INFLORESCENCE Inflorescence a panicle. Panicle open, or contracted; lanceolate; interrupted; 10–30 cm long. Panicle branches smooth, or scaberulous. Spikelets solitary. Fertile spikelets pedicelled. FERTILE SPIKELETS Spikelets comprising 1 fertile florets; without rhachilla extension. Spikelets lanceolate; subterete; 10–15 mm long; breaking up at maturity; disarticulating below each fertile floret. Floret callus elongated; 1.5 mm long; pubescent; pungent. GLUMES Glumes persistent; similar; exceeding apex of florets; thinner than fertile lemma. Lower glume lanceolate; 8–13 mm long; 0.8–0.9 length of upper glume; chartaceous; without keels; 3 -veined. Lower glume apex acuminate. Upper glume lanceolate; 10–15 mm long; 1.4–1.7 length of adjacent fertile lemma; chartaceous; without keels; 3 -veined. Upper glume apex acuminate. FLORETS Fertile lemma oblong; 7–9 mm long; coriaceous; without keel; 3 -veined. Lemma margins convolute; covering most of palea. Lemma apex acute; awned; 3 -awned. Principal lemma awn 3-branched; with 11–25 mm long limb; with twisted column; deciduous; abscissing across body of lemma; limb plumose; hairy throughout limb. Column of lemma awn 1–2 mm long. Lateral lemma awns 7–20 mm long; shorter than principal; plumose. Palea without keels. FRUIT Caryopsis with adherent pericarp; oblong; 5 mm long. (from RBG Kew: GrassBase - The Online World Grass Flora)
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Photographer: AA Dreyer
Date of photograph: 15 Jun 2008
Camera make: Canon
Camera model: PowerShot A700
Lens aperture: f/4.0
Shutter speed: 1/400 s
ISO speed: -
Content last updated: 18 Apr 2024

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