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Jamesbrittenia lyperioides (Engl.) Hilliard

Jamesbrittenia lyperioides

Leaves and flowers

Family: Scrophulariaceae
Full name: Jamesbrittenia lyperioides (Engl.) Hilliard
Location: Auas Safari lodge, Region Khomas, Namibia (2217CD)
ID status: Fairly certain
Afrikaans common name(s): Saffraanbossie
English common name(s): Yellow mountain-bush
Synonym(s): Chaenostoma lyperioides Engl.
Sutera lyperioides (Engl.) Engl. ex Range
Status: Endemic
Description: Yellow flowers.

Subshrub, woody caudex up to c.25mm in diam., stems several tufted from the base, subsimple to well branched, c.150-600mm tall, very glandular, hairs mostly c.0.1rnm long, heads resembling glistening glands, sometimes 0.2-0.3mm long with smaller heads and then often scattered among shorter ones. Leaves opposite becoming alternate upwards, blade up to 4.5-40 x 3.5-36mm, ovate to broadly ovate, occasionally subrotund, abruptly contracted to a petiolar part up to 2-11mm long (roughly 0.25x-0.5x length of blade), apex obtuse to subacute, margins usually shallowly lobed and toothed or coarsely toothed, rarely uppermost subentire, both surfaces glandular as stems. Flowers solitary in upper leaf-axils, the leaves rapidly diminishing in size, resulting in long pseudoracemes, often panicled. Pedicels up to 10-22mm long, glandular. Calyx tube 0.2-0.4mm long, lobes 4-6.5 x 0.5-1mm, linear-oblong to narrowly spathulate, subacute, glandular, hairs up to 0.1-0.25mm long. Corolla tube 11-15 x 2-2.5mm in mouth, cylindric, abruptly expanded near apex, limb 8-18mm across lateral lobes, posticous lobes 4-7.8 x 2-4.8mm, anticous lobe 4-7 x 2-5.2mm, oblong to cuneate-oblong, apex ± truncate or retuse, glandular-pubescent outside, hairs c.0.1mm long, broad band of clavate hairs in throat extending very briefly onto base of anticous lip, lobes yellow to orange (or rarely a white sport), the colour deepening into the throat and the 3 main veins at base of each lobe darkening as they descend into the throat. Stamens: posticous filaments 1.8-2.5mm long, anthers 1-1.5mm, anticous filaments 0.5-1mm long, anthers 0.6-1mm, all filaments minutely glandular. Stigma 0.4-1mm long. Style 9-12.5mm. Ovary 2-2.5 x 1-1.5mm. Capsules 5-7 x 3-3.4mm, minutely glandular. Seeds c.0.3 x 0.2-0.25mm. At Etosha, the plants were found under mopane trees, near the pan; elsewhere, stony or gravelly soils, sandy river banks and beds, partially shaded cliffs, and crevices of rock outcrops have all been recorded. Flowers may be found in any month. The distinguishing features of the species are its very short indumentum, relatively short corolla tube, and yellow/orange limb. (from The Manuleae: A Tribe of Scrophulariaceae by OM Hilliard, 1994)
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Photographer: M Weigand
Date of photograph: 16 Jan 2020
Camera make: Panasonic
Camera model: DMC-FZ1000
Lens aperture: f/2.8
Shutter speed: 1/5000 s
ISO speed: 125
Content last updated: 06 Jul 2020

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