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Larryleachia marlothii (N.E. Br.) Plowes

Larryleachia marlothii


Family: Apocynaceae
Full name: Larryleachia marlothii (N.E. Br.) Plowes
Location: Between Rössing mountain and Arandis (2214BD)
ID status: Fairly certain
Afrikaans common name(s): Hondebal
English common name(s): -
Synonym(s): Trichocaulon marlothii N.E. Br. (1909)
Lavrania marlothii (N.E. Br.) Bruyns (1993)
Leachia marlothii (N.E. Br.) Plowes (1992)
Leachiella marlothii (N.E. Br.) Plowes
*Leachia dinteri (A. Berger) Plowes
Trichocaulon dinteri A. Berger (1910)
*Leachiella dinteri (A. Berger) Plowes (1992)
Larryleachia dinteri (A. Berger) Plowes (1996)
Trichocaulon keetmanshoopense Dinter (1914)
Trichocaulon sinus-luederitzii Dinter (1914)
Status: Native
Description: Dwarf succulent with 3-30 stems. Stems 30-150 x 20-55(-65) mm, erect to spreading, clavate. Corolla 8-16 mm diam., campanulate to ± rotate; inside mottled with red to dark red-brown on cream background, sometimes nearly uniformly dark purple-brown, smooth; tube 0.5-3.0 mm deep, shallowly saucer-like to cupular; lobes 2-5 x 3-5 mm, broadly ovate-deltate, acute, spreading, margins slightly to not recurved. Corona 2-3 x 3.5-4.5 mm, sessile, irregularly spotted and lined with pink to maroon on cream; outer lobes 1.5-2.0 mm long, ascending, bifid to below middle into slender some-times nearly terete widely divergent spreading to ascending lobules, laterally fused towards base with inner lobes to form pouch; inner lobes 1.5-2.0 mm long, adpressed to backs of anthers and exceeding them then rising in column in centre sometimes diverging at tips, linear, obtuse, occasionally with small obtuse dorsal projection near base in series with outer lobes. (from The Apocynaceae of Namibia by PV Bruyns)

Spineless stem succulent, up to 100 mm high, forming dense clumps. Stems thick, fleshy, grey, usually obovate, narrowing towards base, with many tubercles. Flowers small, campanulate, maroon to yellow with maroon spots, near tip of stem. Flowering rain-dependent. Fruit 2-horned, dehiscent. Lorryleachia marlothii is widely distributed in Namibia, occurring in the drier western regions from the mouth of the Kunene River to the Orange River, and extending eastwards as far as Upington in South Africa. The plants are quite common and characteristic in the coastal regions of the southern Namib, where they are usually found growing in the shelter of rocks on windswept plains. (from Wildflowers of the southern Namib by Coleen Mannheimer et al)
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Photographer: M Weigand
Date of photograph: 31 May 2020
Camera make: Panasonic
Camera model: DMC-FZ1000
Lens aperture: f/2.8
Shutter speed: 1/2000 s
ISO speed: 125
Content last updated: 24 Jun 2020

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