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Podaxis pistillaris (Pers.) Fr.

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Podaxis pistillaris

Image 1
27 May 2006

Podaxis pistillaris

Image 2
27 May 2006

Podaxis pistillaris

Image 3
- -

Podaxis pistillaris

Image 4
21 Feb 2018

Family: Podaxaceae#
Full name: Podaxis pistillaris (Pers.) Fr.
ID status: Fairly certain
Afrikaans common name(s): Slangkop, Boesmanlandse mushroom, Duiwelsbrood.
English common name(s): False shaggy mane, Desert shaggy mane, False ink cap
Synonym(s): Lycoperdon pistillare L. (1771)
Scleroderma pistillare (L.) Pers. (1801).
Status: Native
Description: Pileus:Cap narrowly ellipsoid to obovate, 4.0-11.0 (15) cm tall, 2.0-4.0 cm broad, not expanding, the margin fused to stipe except occasionally breaking free in senescence; surface two-layered, the outer layer cream-white, sparsely covered with flattened tan-colored scales, partially sloughing off in age, revealing a thin, brittle, glabrous cream to buff-colored inner layer, the latter eventually fissured or cracked, releasing spores; odor and taste untried. Gleba: Gills replaced by a puffball-like gleba, at first pallid to yellowish, sometimes with vinaceous tints, at maturity dark-brown, dark reddish-brown to blackish, the spore mass embedded in a capillitium. Stipe 4.0-9.0 (12) cm long, 0.5-1.0 thick, straight, more or less equal except for a soil-encrusting, abruptly bulbous base; surface covered by a whitish to cream-colored membrane, fragmenting with age, exposing a pallid, longitudinally striate under-surface; context consisting of a woody cortex and cottony-fibrous pith, lacking the "cottony cord" seen in Coprinus comatus; partial veil absent. Spores 10-15.0 (16.0) x 9.5-13.5 micron, globose to ovoid, smooth, with a thick double-wall, prominent germ pore, inconspicuous hilar appendage, and lacking a pedicel; spores ochre-colored when mounted in KOH, blackish in deposit. Habitat:Scattered to grouped along dry washes and roadsides of the desert regions of California; fruiting spring, summer, and fall after periods of moisture; dried fruiting bodies persisting for months; occasional to locally common. Edibility:Inedible; fibrous-woody. (from
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