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Searsia lancea L.f.

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Searsia lancea

Image 1
02 Apr 2015

Searsia lancea

Image 2
02 Apr 2015

Searsia lancea

Image 3
02 Apr 2015

Searsia lancea

Image 4
02 Apr 2015

Searsia lancea

Image 5
14 Dec 2017

Family: Anacardiaceae
Full name: Searsia lancea L.f.
ID status: Fairly certain
Afrikaans common name(s): Karee, Kareeboom, Soetkaree, Jakkalsbos
English common name(s): Willow rhus, Karee, Baster willow
Synonym(s): Rhus lancea L.f.
Rhus viminalis Aiton
Status: Native
Description: Shrub or small tree. Leaflets lanceolate, dark green above and yellowish-green beneath; margin entire. (from Flora of Zimbabwe website)

Large semi-evergreen shrub or spreading tree, usually 6-8 m high, rarely up to 12 m. Bark rough, irregularly fissured, dark brown to blackish; branches and branchlets reddish, pendulous. Leaves trifoliolate, petiolate; petiole semiterete, slightly canaliculate above, (9-)20 (-31) mm long; leaflets sessile, subcoriaceous, glabrous, somewhat glutinous, discolorous, dark olive-green above, pale yellowish green below, hypostomatous; lamina linear to lanceolate, base narrowly cuneate, apex subacute, mucronulate; margin entire, slightly thickened, venation semi-craspedodromous, midrib and other veins prominent above, midrib only prominent below; terminal leaflets (24-)70(-120) x (4-)8(-12) mm, lateral leaflets (14-)55(-100) x (3-)7(-ll) mm. Panicles lax, much branched, flowers crowded, axillary and terminal, latter up to 90 mm long, mostly within foliage. Flowers with corolla lobes narrower than usual, oblong, 1.5 mm x 0.5 mm, styles widely separate, recurved, persistent. Drupe oblate, ellipsoid, glabrous, shiny, dull yellow to brown, 5.5 x 4.0 to 6.5 x 4.3 mm. (from JSTOR Global Plants website)

An evergreen, untidy shrub or single-stemmed tree with spreading crown and drooping branches. BARK grey to blackish, rough; irregularly fissured to form fragments that flake off, exposing a pale brown to reddish underbark; young branchlets slightly reddish. LEAVES trifoliolate; leaflets sessile, linear-lanceolate, straight or slightly sickle-shaped; shiny, dark green above, often sticky-looking; dull olive-green below. FLOWERS tiny, star-like; greenish to green-yellow. FRUIT almost round, slightly flattened. (from Tree Atlas of Namibia)
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