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Helichrysum candolleanum H.Buek

Helichrysum candolleanum

Whole plant

Family: Asteraceae
Full name: Helichrysum candolleanum H.Buek
Location: Kyffhäuser (2416AD + 2416CB)
ID status: Fairly certain
Afrikaans common name(s): -
English common name(s): -
Synonym(s): Gnaphalium candolleanum (H.Buek) Sch.Bip.
Helichrysum damarense O.Hoffm.
Helichrysum detersum Steud.
Helichrysum leptolepis DC. - p.p.
Helichrysum pachyrhizum Harv.
Status: Native
Description: Greyish woolly perennial herb growing from a woody taproot, up to c. 50 cm tall when erect, sometimes decumbent or prostrate. Leaves sessile, linear to narrowly oblong-lanceolate, up to 3.5 cm long but usually smaller, greyish woolly on both sides. Capitula in dense spherical, terminal or sometimes axillary heads. Phyllaries c. 6-seriate, 4-5 mm long, somewhat spreading, lanceolate, acuminate, white, often blotched or tipped rose-red. Florets yellow, tipped with red. (from Flora of Zimbabwe website)

Perennial herb sometimes flowering in seedling stage, taproot stout, woody, crown becoming woody at base with age, main branches c. 150-450 mm long, subsimple to profusely branched, prostrate, decumbent or erect, thinly woolly becoming floccose, leafy. Leaves (4-) 10-35 x (1-) 1.5-8 (-12) mm, linear, oblong-lanceolate, lanceolate, oblanceolate, occasionally narrowly to broadly obovate or spathulate, acute, subacute or obtuse, mucronate, base narrowed, half-clasping, both surfaces thickly to thinly greyish-woolly, often yellowish when young. Heads homogamous, campanulate, c. (4-) 5-6 x 3.5-4 (-6) mm, many in tight globose clusters c. 15-20 mm across at the tips of the branchlets, surrounded by woolly leaves mostly longer than the compound head. Involucral bracts in c. 6 series, subequal, slightly exceeding the flowers, loosely imbricate, very acute to acuminate, radiating, shining, pellucid, silvery white, inner in particular often suffused or tipped pink or crimson, rarely with flecks of colour, tips sometimes subopaque. Receptacle with pit margins shortly produced, or nearly smooth. Flowers 18-50, yellow, tipped red. Achenes 0.75 mm, elliptic, with myxogenic hairs, or rarely glabrous. Pappus ... (from JSTOR Global Plants website / Flora of Southern Africa)
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Photographer: AA Dreyer
Date of photograph: 15 Jun 2008
Camera make: Canon
Camera model: PowerShot A700
Lens aperture: f/4.0
Shutter speed: 1/1000 s
ISO speed: -
Content last updated: 01 Jun 2020

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